Do Hernia Belts really work?

Does a hernia belt really help?

My answer, in a word, would be, YES!

It is likely a hernia belt will help support your abdominal muscles to prevent a hernia from forming. Or, if you have an existing hernia, a hernia belt can help prevent it from getting worse or causing pain or other problems.

So, how can it help?

Let’s look into the answer to that question now.


Why are we talking hernia belts?

Hi, I’m Lisa and I founded Abdo Empowered because I couldn’t find great support belts that were actually wearable, in NZ. The best ones I could find were in Australia. Well, I loved them so much that I brought them home to NZ to share through my online shop Abdo Empowered.

I also got some comfy, NZ made high rise undies, ostomy swim bands and lacey belly bands, and popped them on our website too. I’ll drop a link at the bottom of this newsletter so you can take a look.

But now… back to the all important question!


A sturdy hernia belt

Why was I looking for a hernia band? Due to IBD, ulcerative colitis, I had surgery to have a permanant ileostomy formed and so was given a sturdy hernia belt for support.

Unfortunately, it was so sturdy that it caused my output to pancake and my bag to leak repeatedly. It was also so uncomfortable, that even though I gave it a really good go, I just couldn’t wear it!

And so inevitably, I ended up with a parastomal hernia that was painful and would pop out and cause blockages. Disappointed and in pain, I decided that there just had to be a support belt that would help.

I spent a lot of time and money buying and trying belts from NZ and overseas and couldn’t find the right one for me. I was advised against using one with a hole to allow flow, however, I knew      there had to be one that allowed flow, was comfortable and supported my stoma.

My ostomy belt - My new best friend!

Long story short, I found a great range of support belts while in Australia, struggling with my parastomal hernia. They are firm, comfortable and fully adjustable. One even has a hole, but also an adjustable support strap so that my stoma is supported.

On holiday, in pain, and so scared I would end up in hospital while away from home in New Zealand, I was relieved to find a belt that would help me.

So, I reached out to the company that made the belts and was invited to try their newly developed Ostomy Belt.  I visited their premises on the Sunshine Coast, saw their belts being individually made and quality checked, and was fitted with my new best friend!

Biking, hiking, working out and gardening with my ostomy

I now wear either my ostomy belt or belly band hernia belt whenever I need some abdominal support. Either are great for when I’m biking, gardening, hiking, working out or doing anything that is likely to cause stress on my stoma or abdominal area.

I’ve sold belts to support people who play golf and other sports and the feedback has been great. So, these belts could provide the relief you have been looking for.

Hernia and ostomy support

I love helping people find the right belt for them.  Whether you have an ostomy or a hernia or are looking for a pregnancy or postnatal belly band, I can help.

I am thrilled to have found these original belly bands, backed by physiotherapists for post-surgery, c-section, pregnancy and postpartum support and I’d love to help you find the right belt for you too.

If you have any questions regarding a hernia belt, an ostomy belt or anything ostomate related, please reach out HERE.

And as promised, here’s a link to our Hernia belts HERE and Ostomy belts HERE.

All the best!


Disclaimer: Neither myself or Abdo Empowered provide medical advice. Please consult your medical professional if you have any health queries.

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