FAQs about Abdo Empowered products

If you are unsure which belly band or support belt will suit or you have any unanswered questions after browsing our FAQs, please contact us HERE and we'll be in touch. We are also happy to work with you if you need a custom belly band or belt. Whether you are healing from surgery or injury, pregnant or postpartum, have an ostomy or need abdominal support for any reason, we pride ourselves on listening to your needs and working with you to come up with supportive solutions.

Interested in how belly bands work? Check it out HERE

Belly Band Size Guide:



Belly Band Belt Lengths:

Petite/Small: 100cm   Standard: 125cm   Large:  140cm or custom by request

Belly Band Belt Widths:

10cm, 18cm and 25cm or custom by request (18cm is the most popular width)

Ostomy Belt Lengths:

Petite/Small: 88cm   Standard: 100cm   Large: 110cm or custom by request.

Lacey Belly Band sizing

XS 55cm - 70 cm

S 65cm - 80cm

M 75cm - 90cm

L  85 cm - 110cm

XL 100cm - 120cm

Unisex Everyday Active Band sizing

XS 55cm - 70 cm

S 65cm - 80cm

M 75cm - 90cm

L  85 cm - 110cm

XL 100cm - 120cm

Fanny Adams Full Briefs

If you are unsure of your size, we recommend you size up.

8-10 / 60 - 70cm → small

12 / 68 - 78cm → medium

14-16 / 76 - 86cm → large

18-20 / 80 - 90cm → XL

22 / 86 - 94cm → 2XL

Freddy Adams Full Briefs

26-28" / 66 - 71 cm → small

30-32" / 76 - 81 cm → medium

34 - 36" / 86 - 91 cm → large

38 - 40" / 96 - 1-101cm → XL

42 - 44" / 107 - 112 cm →2 X

If the information you require is not here in our FAQs, please reach out to us HERE 


(excluding trim and stoma insert)

70% cotton, 25% spandex, 5% polyester (latex free)

We recommend that you talk to your health professional about the use of compression garments – any information on this website should be considered general information and should not be considered medical advice.


Your Belly Band may be worn next to your skin however, if you notice sensitivity to the elastic material, the band can be worn over clothing.

Your Belly Band may be worn at night so long as it is fitted snugly so that it won’t roll or move during the night.

Most people are able to sit comfortably in their Belly Band however all bodies are different and some people find that any compression garments are not comfortable to sit in and may roll. Compression garments can take some getting used to. Give yourself time to heal if required and time to find the right adjustment that suits. As your body changes through growth, healing and other developments, adjust your garment to suit.

Please seek advice from your medical professional should you be unsure about the use of a compression garment in your situation.


Hand wash in warm water with a mild fabric detergent – do not tumble dry or bleach. Dry flat or on line in shade.

Do not iron.

Please note:

Elastic fabric may stretch with use.

Velcro connects to fabric securely and fluffing of the fabric is normal and won’t affect adhesion of Velcro.

As each band is hand cut, you may find the odd stray elastic thread – it is fine to snip these.

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