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Everyday Active Unisex Belly Band - with or without inner pocket

Everyday Active Unisex Belly Band - with or without inner pocket

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Don't let your ostomy hold you back!

These bands are designed to enable you to feel confident and comfortable everyday - whether at work or play. Great for concealing your appliance as they gently smooth and conform to your body whilst allowing flow.

You can choose a light weight band, with or without a pocket that works well for both single or double ostomies and is great for everyday wear, swimming and working out or a slightly heavier medium weight band that is great for everyday wear and working out

You can have these in any colour you like - so long as it's Black! We'll introduce more colours as demand dictates - let us know if there's a particular colour you'd like us to add!

See below for sizing:

XS 55cm - 70 cm

S 65cm - 80cm

M 75cm - 90cm

L  85 cm - 110cm

XL 100cm - 120cm

XXL 120cm - 140cm

Aren't sure which band is right for you? Hit "Contact us" below, send us a message and we'll be in touch to discuss your needs.

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