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Lacey Belly Bands

Lacey Belly Bands

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Active, intimate or every day - these gorgeous hand made lacey belly bands are so comfy and look so good! 

Confidence enhancing for anyone wanting to wear a special lacey treat with tummy cover. 

"I love that I can wear sexy underwear in spite of everything else going on!"

Breathable and stretchy so you can wear your belly wrap all day or to bed. Comfy enough to sleep in. 

Beautiful, gentle support for pregnant bellys, mum tums, pannus stomach or apron belly, ostomates and those with PEG. Sleep better with your lacey belly band keeping you safe and secure while also allowing flow. Great for post-surgical support or to simply use as a shirt extender.

Made in NZ in high quality stretch cotton and lycra with stretch lace at the top and bottom of each  belly band.

See below for sizing:

  • XS 55cm - 70 cm
  • S 65cm - 80cm
  • M 75cm - 90cm
  • L  85 cm - 110cm
  • XL 100cm - 120cm

DISCLAIMER: Abdo Empowered does not provide medical advice. Please consult your medical professional if you have any health queries

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