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Ostomy Flange Support Belt

Ostomy Flange Support Belt

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The ostomy flange support belt does exactly what it's name suggests - helps hold your appliance flange snug against you. It can be used after putting a new bag on to hold your flange close. This means you can get on with your day rather than stand around holding your bag in place waiting for your adhesive to take.

Great if you are looking for a simple, cost effective confidence enhancer.  This ostomy flange support belt is especially good for when you are out and about and want to reduce worry about the security of your bag.

  • Supports your flange while adhesive warms and takes
  • Enhances confidence in your appliance
  • Can be used with the tabs on many bags
  • May be used with the Abdo Ostomy Shield (sold separately)

Belt elastic is 3cm wide and is adjustable from 65cm up to 125cm. Opening in flange support piece is 8cm. Total width of flange support piece is 15cm.


    DISCLAIMER: Abdo Empowered does not provide medical advice. Please consult your medical professional if you have any health queries

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